Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a great weekend!

Considering that I didn't have a darned thing planned for the Labor Day weekend, it turned out to be pretty busy. Three of our four kids and four of the grandkids were here at some point over the weekend. (The only thing that would have been more perfect is if our oldest daughter, SIL and two grandsons could have been here from Minnesota) I tried to get my grandson Ryan (age 9) to let me take his photo, but he hid or covered his face every time. He is soooo cute, and I want to do a layout with recent photos, but he is at the "I hate having my picture taken" stage. So much like his dad! His sisters, Kaycee and Shelbie have no problem letting me take their photos!

Here are a couple of quick shots (the lighting in my family room is horrible for photos!)

Shelbie, age 8 - check out the "tattoos" on her arm! She loooooves to have her picture taken!

Kaycee, 11, and Ryan, 9, looking for music on the computer

Sigh --- I wish you could see his freckles, he is adorable!!!!!

Anna with "BaPa" and her beloved raggedy pink puppy

In between all of the activity, I finished my layout for the LEO #3 challenge at Willow Traders. The challenge was to use a non-scrapping item, something we usually might throw away.

Here's mine:

My found items were a couple of the buttons; a photo ripped off a promotional brochure; cardboard; string and twine; a leather thong and ribbon used for ties on the buttons; and woven flowers that the dog chewed off a pair of sandals a couple of years ago (yeah, I was not a happy girl when he did that! but I did hang onto the flowers just for something like this) I used a toy truck and chalk ink to make the tire tracks at the top of the page.

Here's a better look at the left side:

and here's the right:

The layout deign was from a sketch by Hillary Heidelberg, from the March 2007 "One in 48" challenge class at NYC Scraps. The papers are Basic Grey Archaic. The photos were from a dune buggy at Saugatuck, MI. We were whizzing along the curves of the dunes, sometimes feeling as though we would go almost sideways (of course we never did) Those buggy tires are rock solid, actually I felt very safe -- and I hate fast rides and heights. The little girl sitting next to me in the buggy was about 4, she was waving her hands in the air down the hills, yelling "woot! woot!" and having a great time, sitting there so cool in her little white sunglasses and pony tail. Hard to be a wuss when the cherub next to you is totally unafraid and having a blast.

Thanks for looking! Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Your grandkids are so cute! Love that page too! Love how you used that Archaic line!

Jeni Boisvert said...

Cute kiddos!! I SO need to try a 2 page layout!

Rebecca In MI said...

Barb, I love reading about your family! I feel like I know them.

jamie said...

i saw your layout over in the wt gallery...very creative use of all kinds of recyable stuff...great job...who needs scrapbook supplies? (did i just say that?)

Tara Powell said...

Adorable grandbabies!
Very nice layout, I love the paper swirls behind the title!

Beth said...

Great use of the found objects! I love it!