Monday, September 14, 2009

Goats have no manners!

Kaycee stayed with us through Sunday afternoon for the Homestead Festival. She and I went to the Flea Market, where she bought a Beanie Baby for $1.00 (remember the craze for those about 10 years ago???) We stopped by the Pork Producers tent for a pork burger and drink, then visited the petting zoo. We bought a cup of animal feed and in she went:

One very persistent goat decided that Kaycee was his new best friend, as long as she had that food in her hand. One thing for sure, goats have NO MANNERS.

There was an antique, classic and specialty car show along South Main Street -- actually right in the middle of the street. I love small town living, where you can actually do this! The antique fire truck belongs to the department in my home town (population under 400!) and was made the year my dad was born. Kaycee indulged me by climbing up and letting me take her picture. At 11, she is still young enough to enjoy this stuff, but the time is coming soon when she will be too cool to hang out with Grandma. So I'm taking advantage now!

And this one just because it made Kaycee laugh:

We finished off our afternoon with locally made Sisler's Ice Cream (one of the best!) at the new ice cream store in town. Chocolate for her, peanut butter fudge for me.

And another Homestead Festival is history ....


Elizabeth said...

I love festivals like this, how totally fun!! You got some really great shots!

Staci said...

cool festival, barb, and great photos! that firetruck is awesome!!

Wendy Kwok said...

Looks like fun! These photo will make great SB pages!