Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hometown Pride

Our town is celebrating its annual Homestead Festival this weekend, with lots of small-town community pride. My mom, my oldest granddaughter Kaycee and I went uptown for the parade.

Kaycee used the time waiting for the parade to catch a few rays:

The city crews had placed American flags on light poles along the parade route, straight down Main Street from the north to the south end, and they looked great waving in the breeze. I was pretty moved by the sight of a dozen or so current local National Guardsmen, military veterans and Boy Scouts, who carried this giant flag down Main Street to start the parade.

The flag is one of four that hang on big flag poles at the entrance to town from the interstate. It was nearly as wide as Main Street, and about three store-lengths long.

A couple more random parade shots:

The car carrying the Little Miss Junior Fair Queen stalled in the middle of the downtown area. A couple of parade patrolmen and the Explorers pitched in and pushed the car the last block of the parade route -- while Little Miss smiled and gave her best pageant wave from the back seat. Now that's poise!

The beautiful Anheuser-Busch Cyldesdale team. It's totally awesome seeing these huge, gorgeous animals coming at you. And the lead horse especially knew he was one fine looking animal as he strutted down the street. Awesome!

A local bank sponsors the fabulous South Shore Drill Team from Chicago each year.

Even with all the local pride and activity going on, I did manage to finish my layout for the LEO Challenge at Willow Traders. The direction was to use a non-straight edge; I satisfied that with the Bazzill die cut circle (actually, half the circle) and my Fiskars punch. The photo is from 1986, and it's my third child, Jeff, getting ready for his first Trick or Treat experience.

That adorable scarecrow is 24 and a mechanical engineer in Chicago now; and I suppose this Halloween will find him celebrating with his friends in Wrigleyville. *Sigh* But wasn't he cute!? (actually, he still is ... )

Thanks for looking!


LisaNRoxy said...

He is adorable! I love the scarecrow costume! Great edgies, Barb. I love the die cuts too - great Halloween page!! Loved the parade pics too - those horses are magnificent. I can;t imagine how that flag looked in person - it is huge. Very cool!

Thomisia said...

Great job and I love the papers you chose!

Jill said...

Oh, how cute was he??????

"The Bag Lady" said...

Your town looks positively adorable! I always wanted to live in a small town where the center had brick front stores. Instead I live in the woods on top of a mountain. Go figure. Love the LO. His expression is priceless!

Nathalie said...

Nice page! I like the design with the scalloped cardstock!

Heather said...

I miss the Homestead Festival. Next year I will make a point to get home for it. And Kaycee is getting so big...I can't believe it. Love that LO. Jeff was super cute in that costume.

Beth said...

Great shots of the parade! Looks like lots of fun. And I love the layout. So stinkin cute!

Diana said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon- downtown!
Great LO- I love how you used 1/2 of the scallop- great touch

Blessings, Janine said...

How adorable! And, what a coincidence,...I just started working with some papers from that line yesterday! And, it's certainly been around awhile. Hadn't considered Halloween for the "Wanted" line but it works fabulously!

Blessings, Janine said...

....but, of course,...he's a cowboy!

Nicole Maki said...

Awww. Perfect paper choice for the topic. I bet it's nice to relive the memories - I know scrapping my 13 year olds baby pictures is sweet and makes me love him even more.