Saturday, April 7, 2012

... and STILL waiting ....

... but hopefully not for much longer!

Our seventh grandchild has missed his due date by 10 days, but we expect that he will be making his appearance soon. I have been in Wisconsin since a week ago Friday waiting for him, and since I thought he would be here a bit sooner I didn't bring any scrapbooking supplies. I've had to content myself with coloring with Anna and taking pictures of her. She happily obliged with a few candid poses (these are totally unedited, since my photo editing software is all on the desktop at home):

Last month, our local United Way hosted a fundraising "Chair-ity Auction" featuring chairs painted and decorated by area artists. My School Age Program kids and I were honored to be asked to paint a wooden "teacher's chair". I provided some design assistance, but two of my fourth grade girls came up with the overall motif. The major part of the work was done by about two dozen students, ranging in age from 5 to 11.

I am so pleased to show you these photos of our chair, which we called "A Child's World":

 Front of the chair. Three of the children sponge painted blue over a white chair for the background. The kids used freehand painting, stenciling and masks to create the scene. I painted the rainbow slats but the idea came from one of my students:

The motifs represent the varying age levels and talents of the children, but each of them did his or her very best work:

One of the kindergarten boys free painted that adorable red bird, one of my favorite elements of the whole design:

They also insisted that the back of the chair should be beautiful:

I told them that every artist signs his or her work with pride:

I wish I could show you the photos of my kids at work, but center policy prevents that. I was so proud of their efforts and the lovely results!

Next week, I guarantee there will be some new layouts here. Have a great Easter (I am thinking that the Easter bunny may be bringing us a very special gift indeed here ....)


Nathalie said...

I love that chair Barb!!! Patience, patience!!! I can't wait to see your baby pages though! ;) Happy Easter to you and your family!

angie gutshall said...

I love that chair!! Can't wait to see pictures of a new grand baby!!

Ange said...

What a fun idea! And so cute. They did a great job. I hope you do get a special Easter present!

Patricia said...

What a beautiful chair! I love it! Thanks for sharing what the students did and hoping that baby is here soon!

Rebecca In MI said...

I do love that chair....and of course the Antics of Anna!