Monday, August 30, 2010

Sewing on a layout

I used to be afraid of sewing on my layouts. Sometimes it's still a little scary -- especially on a nearly completed layout. What if I mess it up? Then my layout will be ruined!

Thankfully, that hasn't happened -- and I love the extra POP! and texture that sewing brings to a page.

This one was the answer to a THaW (Three a Week) challenge at Willow Traders to use a grid layout arrangement on a page. I scraplifted a bit from the current Creating Keepsakes magazine, which featured layout ideas for photos from county fairs. It also fit the current challenge at Sweet Peach Crop Shop's blog  to -- you guessed it! -- sew on your layout.

I sewed on the beige paper, around the grid, before I tore the edges and attached it to the cardstock. My sewing machine will jam if I try to sew on only one piece of paper; so I put a scrap piece of paper underneath it, sewed the border and then carefully tore away the scrap paper in back. (This is a good use for that thin paper I bought when I started scrapping, which I never used but can't seem to throw out) There was an Oops! moment when my stitching started out crooked at the top corner; that's why the little rick rack brackets are there!

Granddaughter Anna and I spent a wonderful August morning at Niabi Zoo; we rode the train and the merry go round, visited with all the animals -- including a giraffe family of 5 that included two babies and African penguins splashing in a kiddie wading pool -- and then left for lunch at McDonald's. Our favorite attractions were the train ride (Anna) and  the giraffe family (me -- along with the air conditioned gift shop!) so these will be the subjects of future layouts, since this Grandma-razzi got plenty of photos.


corrie said...

Looks sew great Barb!

GaMtnScrap said...

I love your page! So bright and fun and I love how you got so many photos on there and not look crowded.

I am the same way with my sewing, and still have a hard time working up the nerve to just sew straight onto the layout. I usually sew on a piece that I can attach, that way if I mess up on the sewing, I didn't mess up the whole thing! LOL! I love the way you embellished over an Ooops! I thought it was just your way of highlighting the title, so see, if you hadn't confessed, we'd never had known! Now THAT's a great "cover up!"

angie gutshall said...

Great layout Barb! Love the stitching!